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Sabrina Howell

Sabrina Howell

PhD Student, Harvard Kennedy School



Sabrina Howell is interested in energy policy and economics, particularly the deployment of disruptive energy technologies in China and the U.S. She is currently a Ph.D. Student in the economics track of the Political Economy and Government program at the Kennedy School, and is a recipient of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. She holds a B.A. with high honors in Economics and East Asian Studies from Yale University. After graduating from Yale in 2008, she taught sustainable development and energy economics at Hong Kong University and Zhejiang University in China while writing a book chapter on Chinese energy security in Energy Security Challenges for the 21st Century. Subsequently, she worked in energy consulting for Charles River Associates in Houston, TX, and then as a Senior Policy Analyst at Securing America's Future Energy (SAFE) in Washington, D.C., where she focused on U.S. transportation policy and electric vehicle deployment. Sabrina is proficient in Mandarin and French.



By Date


May 2014

Leapfrogging or Stalling Out? Electric Vehicles in China

Discussion Paper

By Henry Lee, Director, Environment and Natural Resources Program, Sabrina Howell, PhD Student, Harvard Kennedy School and Adam Heal

China has ambitious goals for developing and deploying electric vehicles (EV). The stated intention is to “leapfrog” the auto industries of other countries and seize the emerging EV market. Since 2009, policies have included generous subsidies for consumers in certain locations, as well as strong pressure on local governments to purchase EVs. Yet four years into the program, progress has fallen far short of the intended targets. China has only about 40,000 EVs on the road, of which roughly 80% are public fleet vehicles such as buses and sanitation vehicles.

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