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"Cyber Readiness Index 1.0"

Melissa Hathaway introduces the Cyber Readiness Index 1.0 at a Cisco press event in Sydney, Australia.
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"Cyber Readiness Index 1.0"

Paper, Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program, Belfer Center

November 8, 2013

Author: Melissa Hathaway, Senior Advisor, Cyber Security Project

Belfer Center Programs or Projects: Science, Technology, and Public Policy; Cyber Security Project



No country is cyber ready.

In the global economy, national economic growth is largely dependent on information communication technology (ICT). At the same time, many nations are facing significant economic losses due to ICT that undercut that growth. Until now, there was no methodology to evaluate any country's maturity and commitment to securing the cyber infrastructure and services upon which their digital future and growth depend.

The Cyber Readiness Index (CRI) represents a new way of examining this problem, and is designed to spark international discussion and inspire global interest in addressing the economic erosion from cyber insecurity that is holding back more robust economic growth. The CRI examines thirty-five countries that have embraced ICT and the Internet and then applies an objective methodology to evaluate each country's maturity and commitment to cyber security across five essential elements. This holistic approach to evaluating progress towards cyber security demonstrates the importance of a cohesive strategy that includes government regulation and enforcement, as well as market-based incentives and economic levers to focus public and private sector attention on a secure and prosperous digital future.


Melissa Hathaway was interviewed on the Cyber Readiness Index 1.0 by Jim Middleton on ABC News 24. Watch the video here:


The paper and author's slides are available below for download.



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For Academic Citation:

Hathaway, Melissa. "Cyber Readiness Index 1.0." Paper, Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program, Belfer Center, November 8, 2013.

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